JFRD Stations

Fire Station 1- "The Rock"
Station One has served the downtown area since before the creation of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department.

Fire Station 2- "The Springfield Deuce"
Located at 4th and Main since 1909, Station 2 was one of the original three fire companies formed when the JFRD was created in 1886. The original Station 2 was located at the intersection of Ashley Street and Pine Street, now known as Main Street


Fire Station 3- The Jacksonville Fire Museum

One of the few structures to survive the Great Fire of 1901. Station 3 was originally located at 12 Catherine Street. After the Great Fire, it was rebuilt, maintaining the front wall. Over the years, #3 also housed the shop. It was deactivated in 1951, only to rise again as the Jacksonville Fire Museum

About Station Three

PatchFire Station 4- The LaVilla Brickhouse

Fire Station 4 was the first station added by the JFRD back in 1897. Originally located on Adams Street, Station 4 was moved to its current location in 1931. The station has a rich tradition and has always been a desired assignment. Station 4 is now home to the Jacksonville Special Operations Team.

patchFire Station 5

Station 5 also opened its doors in 1897 in the Brooklyn section just outside of downtown Jacksonvile. For its first 111 years, Station 5 was located at 347 Riverside Avenue. The original structure was replaced in 1911 with the historic buiding now on the property. In 2008, Fire Station 5 was relocated to 2433 Forest Street.

HaneyFire Station 6- Opened 1908- Deactivated 1991

Fire Station 6 was located on Florida Boulevard, now known as A. Phillip Randolph Boulevard. During the 1960's and 1970's, Station 6 was one of the busiest firehouses in the city and was in the center of riots that plagued the city in the late 1960's. In 19xx, the station was deactivated and the crew was used to open the new fire station 51 in Mandarin.

patchFire Station 7- "The Magnificent Seven"

Long before it was home to America's first hazardous materials team, Station 7 was originally built and placed into service in 1908 at its first location, 930 Kings Rd.. After moving to its current home on Division Street, the station became home to the nation's first hazardous materials team.

HaneyFire Station 8- Home of the Jacksonville Fire Fighters Local 122

Fire Station 8 was placed into service in 1923 at the current intersection of Stockton Street and I-10. In 1936, a fire tower was built and the station also served as the old fire training academy.

Station 8 is now home to the Jacksonville Association of Fire Fighters Local 122.

patchFire Station 9- Opened 1927, Deactivated

Originally located at 24th and Perry, Station 9 proudly serves the northern end of Springfield, as well as Jacksonville's east side.

Old Station 9 is now home of the Jacksonville Brotherhood of Fire Fighters

HaneyFire Station 10-

Fire Station 10 has a storied history of service int he Riverside, Avondale, Lackawanna, and Murray Hill areas.

HaneyFire Station 11- Opened in 1927

Opened in 1927

patchFire Station 12-

Station 12 was placed into service in 1932, when the city of Jacksonville annexed the city of South Jacksonville. Station 12 was located on Jacksonville' ssouth bank before relocating to its current Atlantic Blvd. location.


HaneyFire Station 13- 1931

To this day, Station 13 stands in San Marco, overlooking the square.


HaneyFire Station 14- 1981- November, 1984

Located at 4242 Herschel Street

HaneyFire Station 15-

Opened in 1948 at the corner of 54th and Pearl Streets.

patchFire Station 16- The Jacksonville International Airport


HaneyFire Station 17- "The Woodstock Warriors"

Opened in December of 1950, Station 17 has served the Woodstock neighborhood ever since.


HaneyFire Station 18- "Fort Apache"

HaneyFire Station 19-

patchFire Station 20-


HaneyFire Station 21-

HaneyFire Station 22- July 1st, 2003- June 30th, 2006

HaneyFire Station 23 July 2006- Present

Fire Station 23 originally was located in the Yukon section of Jacksonville, across from the current Naval Air Station Jacksonville. In 1969, its current station opened on Ortega Blvd.

patchFire Station 24- July 1st, 1995- June 30th, 2003


HaneyFire Station 26-

HaneyFire Station 27-

HaneyFire Station 29-

patchFire Station 30-


HaneyFire Station 31-


HaneyFire Station 32-


HaneyFire Station 33-

patchFire Station 34-


HaneyFire Station 35-

HaneyFire Station 36-


HaneyFire Station 37-

patchFire Station 38- Home of Marine 1


HaneyFire Station 39- Home of Marine 3

HaneyFire Station 40-


HaneyFire Station 41-



HaneyFire Station 42-


HaneyFire Station 43-

patchFire Station 44-


HaneyFire Station 45-

HaneyFire Station 46-


HaneyFire Station 47-

patchFire Station 48-


HaneyFire Station 49-

HaneyFire Station 50-


HaneyFire Station 51-



HaneyFire Station 52-


HaneyFire Station 53-

patchFire Station 54-


HaneyFire Station 55-

HaneyFire Station 56-


HaneyFire Station 57-

The Harbour MastersFire Station 58- "The Harbour Masters"


Coming SoonFire Station 59



History of the JFRD

Additional Fire-Rescue History

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