The Triangle Oil Refinery Fire- August 18th, 1984

A severe thunder storm moved through the city on the afternoon
of August 18, 1984. At 4:14, p.m. a lightning bold struck Tank 16 at Triangle Refineries' Ocean Terminal, 2470 Talleyrand Ave.

Tank 16, a bulk storage tank with a double-layered floating roof,
contained 1.9 million gallons of premium unleaded gasoline 105 .
A tremendous explosion rocked the area. The blast lifted off more
than half the pontoon's top cover exposing half the roof's cells which were quickly infiltrated by burning fuel. Responding apparatus immediately reported heavy involvement of the tank and requested two special foam units. In the first attack on the fire, the foam blanket appeared to smother the flames, but suddenly the pontoon roof shifted and sank, enraging the fire even more.

Additonal resources were called. Foam was brought in from JIA and NAS Jacksonville to fight the fire. Several fire fighters were called in from home to fight the blaze.

Tank 16 eventually ruptured. Oil quickly overflowed a containment ditch and began threatening fire fighters and the rest of the refinery and surrounding neighborhood. As the oil spread, flames spanning three stories high whisked across Talleyrand Avenue.

After knocking the fire down, a small fire was noticed in tank 14, full of unleaded gasoline. It was quickly extinguished. In all, the event lasted 22 hours.


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