Linda Treadwell- Fire Museum Curator

Linda Treadwell has been the Curator of the Jacksonville Fire Museum since 2005. Prior to that, she worked for one year under the museum's long time curator "Sparky" Williams. It was during this time that a wealth of knowledge about the museum and the fire service was passed from one curator to another.

Under Linda's guidance, the Jacksonville Fire Museum has steadily increased the amount of visitors it has received. 2009 will see the 50,000th visitor enter the doors since Linda took over. In addition to increased visitors, Linda has brought the museum into the 21st century, providing digital technology to wow visitors, all while maintaining the historic feel of the museum

Linda is a 21 year veteran of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, having come on as part of the JFRD's biggest recruit class in 1988. Linda was one of 100 fire fighter recruits to come on the JFRD at the time.

Linda has served as a paremedic at some of Jacksonville's busiest stations. Prior to joining the JFRD, she was a fligh medic with Trauma One and instructed many of todays paramedics as an adjunct instructor at FCCJ.

One event that Linda is very proud of is the Firefighter’s Widow’s Luncheon.  The luncheon is to honor the wives of firefighters that have answered their last alarm.  The event was originally held at the museum but has grown so large and successful that it is now held at the Firefighter Hall.

Linda states that some of her co-workers said she would be bored silly at the Museum.  The total opposite is true.  The year of 2008 saw 9,014 children and 3,043 adults through the Museum.  Linda states that during “quite” time, she finds it most interesting to read old log books and shuffle through boxes of old pictures.  She spends a great deal of time trying to archive and preserve old documents and photos.

Linda has hopes that the Museum will always be a place that firefighters can visit and be proud of.  She believes that the social and educational potential of the Museum is endless.  The Museum could and should be used for more special events.

"There are firefighters that have been on the job for a long time and have not visited the Museum.  There are even some that don’t know we have such a Museum."

Linda would like to encourage all firefighters to take an interest in the Museum.  Linda likes to say that what happens each and every day on this job is history and should be preserved.

Linda Treadwell, Fire Museum Curator, can be reached at (904) 630-0618 or by e-mail.



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